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Thermodynamic Solar Systems

How Thermodynamic Systems Work?

A refrigerant liquid is pumped to the panel on the roof using a compressor pump. When the liquid reaches the panel it changes from a liquid to a gas using the outside temperature. Once the liquid has changed to a gas it is then pumped back down and re-compressed to a liquid. While it is changing from a gas to liquid large amounts of heat are created and it is this generated heat which heats your water.


  • Only 1 panel is needed
  • No maintenance work
  • Quick install (Usually 1 day)
  • No gas/oil backup needed
  • Works 365 days a year in any weather conditions incl. snow
  • Can be facing South, East or West facing
  • Mounted either on a roof or wall


We are experienced installers of these systems and we have put several in throughout Limerick City and County. We give honest and fair advise to anyone who emails or calls and offers a no obligation quote. Give us a call onĀ 087-7647119 or email to